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01-03-2023Kunooz Oman Holding Publishes Its First Sustainability Report for the Year 2022.pdficon10 MB
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13-July-2021Kunooz Oman Holding SAOC CEO, Mr. Scott Watson features in EME Outlook Magazine July Edition.pdficon4 MB
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15-Jan-2020Kunooz Heartly congratulates HM Sultan Haitham Bin Tariq Al Said On Taking Over as Sultan of Oman.pdficon900 KB
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16-Apr-2018Kunooz Oman Holding takes part in Oman Economic and Freezone Summit 2018pdficon2 MB
13-Apr-2018Dean Cunningham, KOH - CEO interview in Salalah Freezone Watch OMAN - 2018.pdficon2 MB
13-Mar-2018Snapshot - "Kunooz Oman Holding" Features in Business Chief - Middle East Edition (March 2018)pdficon850 KB
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13-Dec-2017Kunooz Sponsor's - Student Innovation Lab at (OWES) Conference 2017 Oman.pdficon350 KB
15-Oct-2017Kunooz Oman Holding steers Omanis into mining sectorpdficon250 KB
11-Oct-2017Centralized-marketing agency needed for exports of mineralspdficon350 KB
02-Oct-2017Dean Cunningham - CEO Kunooz Oman - as Speaker in Mining Investment Middle East and Central Asia (09 -10 October 2017)pdficon300 KB
01-Oct-2017Qatar Quarries sets up new companypdficon300 KB
26-Sep-2017Dean Cunningham, CEO Kunooz Oman - in OER Business Summit 2017 "Thinking beyond Oil" - Panel Discussion.pdficon250 KB
13-Sep-2017Kunooz Oman gets new Executivepdficon2.5 MB
10-Sep-2017Kunooz Oman appoints a new CFO.pdficon150 KB
15-Aug-2017Dean Cunningham features in100 Most Influential CEO of Oman by Oman Economic Review - Aug 2017pdficon3 MB
28 May-2017Kunooz Oman Completed One-Year Management Program for Its Omani Employeespdficon950 KB
07-Mar-2017MINING Brimming with Potential.pdficon200 KB
14-Feb-2017Gulf's most influential families revealedpdficon80 KB
20-Jan-2017Rising gypsum exports to drive Oman’s non oil GDP growthpdficon300 KB
18-Jan-2017Oman plans railway network for freight movementpdficon120 KB
18-Jan-2017Plans for single window clearance for mining projects in Omanpdficon120 KB
17-Jan-2017Oman's mining sector has big potential for hiringpdficon400 KB
17-Jan-201751 companies attend mining exhibitionpdficon100 KB
16-Jan-2017Mining Show PR - Arabicpdficon6.5 MB
16-Jan-2017Mining Show PR - Englishpdficon7.0 MB
16-Jan-2017Oman minerals and mining expo begins - Oman pdficon100 KB
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06-Dec-2016Mining revenue posts 50 per cent rise in first halfpdficon100 KB
13-Nov-2016Our sincere and warm greetings to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said on the occasion of the 46th National Day.pdficon1.3 MB
03-Nov-2016Dentons advises OIF on Kunooz Oman acquisitionpdficon100 KB
31-Oct-2016Shiekh Salim Bin Abdullah Al Rawas receives the prestigious and coveted Business Leader of the year Award 2016.pdficon4.5 MB
31-Oct-2016New mining law expected to speed up processing of licensespdficon110 KB
26-Oct-2016Kunooz Oman applies for mining licenses in three places.pdficon100 KB
05-Oct-2016Kunooz Oman Holding is gearingup to take Oman’s mineral wealth forward, says the company’s CEO Dean Cunninghampdficon200 KB
04-Sep-2016Oman Investment Fund takes 20 percent shares in Kunooz.pdficon800 KB
04-Sep-2016Kunooz Mining to tap capital market in 2017pdficon1 MB
04-Sep-2016Kunooz Oman plans initial public offering in first half of 2017 (Time of Oman)pdficon150 KB
04-Sep-2016Kunooz Oman's IPO set for first half of next year, Oman (Muscat Daily Newspaper)pdficon100 KB
03-Sep-2016Kunooz Mining Group Plans IPO in Early 2017 (Gulf Daily News Online)pdficon100 KB
01-Sep-2016Oman Mining firm Kunooz Plans IPO in H1 2017 (Reuters)pdficon400 KB
29-Aug-2016Kunooz Oman backs Oman Minerals and Mining Exhibition and Conference 2017pdficon4 MB
27-Jun-2016Kunooz Oman Holding In "The Guardian on behalf of Business Focus"pdficon3.5 MB
26-Jul-2016Oman mining firms look at international conference in January to ignite industrypdficon2.8 MB
26-Jun-2016Kunooz Oman hosted its annual Iftar for stakeholders at Grand Hyatt - Arabic and English PR.pdficon1.5 MB
26-Jun-2016Kunooz Oman hosted its annual Iftar for stakeholders at Grand Hyattpdficon350 KB
25-Jun-2016Oman set to become world’s largest gypsum exporter by 2018pdficon70 KB
09-Jun-2016Appointment of Mehmet Gunaydin as the new General Al Rawas Marble and Granite LLCpdficon400 KB
28-May-2016Meet on business trends in Dhofarpdficon350 KB
24-May-2016Appointment of Scott Watson as the new General Manager for
Al Rawas Mining Co LLC
pdficon300 KB
23-May-2016New regulations aim to boost mining investment in Omanpdficon300 KB
07-Feb-2016KPMG Update on Oman Five year Plan and Budgetpdficon700 KB
07-Feb-2016Omans Mineral Production Exceeded OMR142 Million in 2014pdficon170 KB
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02-Dec-2015Oman plans to further develop high-potential limestone industrypdficon250 KB
01-Dec-2015Kunooz Oman Holding Brochurepdficon4 MB
01-Dec-2015Case Study: Successful Strategies of a Family-owned Business to Go Public. by Dean Cunningham CEO.pdficon700 KB
01-Dec-2015KOH Investment in Limestone and Limepdficon3 MB
29-Nov-2015Kunooz Oman ramps up mineral production activitiespdficon508 KB
16-Nov-2015Appointment of Amit Kumar as the new General Manager for ART.pdficon250 KB
15-Nov-2015Appointment of Shaun McAtominey as the new General Manager for SRM.pdficon250 KB
03-Nov-2015Kunooz Oman announces Implementation of Health Safety and Environment.pdficon620 KB
16-Aug-2015Oman Observers - Kunooz Oman to play major role at Omanpdficon322 KB - Kunooz Oman to play a major role at Oman Minerals & Mining Expo pdficon313 KB
17-Aug-2015Asia Today - Kunooz Oman to play a major role at Oman Minerals.pdficon
272 KB
27-Oct-2015Kunooz Oman Implements IVMS across the Grouppdficon240 KB
16-Aug-2015Times Of Oman - Kunooz Oman to play major role.pdficon237 KB
17-Aug-2015Oman Tribune - Kunooz Oman to play key rolepdficon218 KB
20-Aug-2015Kunooz - Main Sponsor - Oman Minerals and Mining.pdficon200 KB - Kunooz Oman to play a major role at Oman Minerals & Mining Expo.pdficon186 KB
02-Mar-2015CMA allows Kunooz Oman to float 25% shares in IPOpdficon166 KB
01-Jun-2015Kunooz Oman Holdings - Journey to an IPO.pdficon4.84 MB