Quality Management

Quality Management (QM)

Our Quality Management (QM) ensures that the product or service that we offer is consistent, and the means to achieve it has four main components:

      • Quality Planning (QP);
      • Quality Assurance (QA);
      • Quality Control (QC); and
      • Quality Improvement.

Regardless of the competitive pressures, the company is committed to maintain product quality. We have clearly spelt out responsibilities of management personnel as well as their authorities.

Quality Planning (QP)

Our Quality Plan details the type and frequency of inspection, sampling and testing deemed necessary to measure and control the various properties of materials and governed by the Specifications.

Elements of the plan include all parameters that affect the quality of the concrete including, but not limited to the following:

      • Mix Designs
      • Aggregate Production
      • Quality of Components
      • Stockpile Management
      • Proportioning, including added water
      • Mixing and transportation, including time from batching to completion of delivery
      • Initial mix properties, including temperature, air content, and consistency
      • Placement and consolidation, including a schedule for calibrating and checking vibrators
      • Concrete yield versus Plan quantity records
      • Compressive strength
      • Finishing and curing