Research and Development

Research and Development

Our Central Lab at Raysut is constantly developing new mix designs with enhanced properties using high-performance materials such as micro silica, fly ash, ground granulated blast furnace slag, fibers, special chemical admixtures, and different blends of coarse and fine aggregates.

The goal of the Quality Improvement team is to bring new or improved, cost effective products and services to the market and provide support to the company, in terms of business development, technical sales, production and quality control..

Laboratory and Equipment

We have well equipped laboratory consisting of equipments required for testing of fresh concrete, hardened concrete and testing of aggregates, for its physical properties to ensure compliance.

Our Laboratory at Raysut plant consists of equipment for testing of:

      1. Fresh concrete
        • Slump cone, vibrating table
        • Dial temperature meters
        • Cylinders for determining yield of concrete
      2. Hardened concrete
        • CTM (compressive strength testing machine)
        • Cube moulds , cylinder molds, and flexural strength mold
        • Core cutting machine with desired drill bits diameters
        • Rebound hammer for non destructive testing of concrete
      3. Aggregate testing
        • Sieves for gradation test
        • Specific gravity apparatus
        • Aggregate impact value test apparatus
        • Sand equivalent test apparatus

Trained and qualified quality control technician are assigned for each delivery site. Technicians are trained and capable for doing site sampling of mixed sand to submit site QC report along with validating the batch plant computer printouts at site.